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About Us

We’re here to help people design and execute great events! Whether it be a small party or a huge shindig, we want to help you find your perfect style and make your party guests feel welcome.  

Before starting Sterling Event Design I was a traveling stage manager, spending months at a time away from home, working on large-scale theatrical productions.  Once I got married and had children it was harder and harder to leave home for long periods of time.  Either I was missing my children’s milestones because they were at home, or my husband was missing them because the kids were on the road with me.  After a particularly rough road trip I decided to stay at home until the kids got a little older. But what would I do for a living?

Fast forward through a few years of odd jobs and stagehand work; I found that I was happy to be doing creative work, but not happy about how hard it was to make ends meet.  A chance offer to do a drape job for a decorator who had double-booked turned into Sterling Event Design.  There was a niche that needed filling on the Gulf Coast, and we were just the company to do it.

Soon, my theater background came into play and I was able to take on different types of jobs that included lighting, and custom-built pieces for special events. The more oddball the request, the more fun we have making it happen!

Every event we take on is a very important time in someone’s life, so we do our best to pay attention to all the details. Our most amazing events include a unique, custom element that makes it stand out in your guest’s memories. That extra touch of YOU that leaves everyone feeling special to have been invited to share the time together. 

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